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TECHNICAL AND DESIGN INNOVATION AT THE SERVICE OF YOUR SPACE BedUp® is a foldaway bed system which takes up 16 cm of wall space. For installation you need a solid wall and ceiling (not drywall).
It is designed to be a simple and safe device that can be operated manually.
Manufactured in solid beech and available in different sizes, colors and featuring numerous accessories. Designed and manufactured in France. Bed UP  bedup cocoon BEDUP® COCOON

BedUp® COCOON has two straps that form a canopy, creating a more intimate sleeping area. Structurally, the technical fabric straps increase the stability of the base with leg supports.
Choice of different colors available

Bed UP  bedup vision colors
Bed UP  bedup vision BedUp® VISION

BedUp® VISION comes with 2 steel cables at the foot of the bed which increase stability and allow a panoramic view of the room.
Bed UP  bedup usability USE

BedUp® is activated manually by means of a counterweight that makes it go up or down:
- Lower the legs before sleeping, sitting or climbing on BedUp®
- BedUp® should be handled at the front in the center, or close to the wall structure

Technical details
Base measurements
Outline measurements mattress measurements
131 x 240 120 x 200
151 x 240 140 x 200
176 x 240 160 x 200
189 x 240 180 x 200
Bed UP
Outline measurements
Total length of bed 240 cm
Thickness of wall headboard 16 cm
Distance from head to toe 148 cm
Width of legs 33 cm
Distance from the legs to the end of the bed 41 cm
Height of movable base 12 cm
Distance needed between the ceiling and the movable base 35 cm
Bed UP
Measurements from the ground with 90 cm feet
Height from ground 90 cm
Distance between legs 84 cm
Minimum space for positioning steps 40 cm
Bed UP
INSTALLATION BedUp ® usually requires a supporting wall and load-bearing ceiling. SAFETY BedUp ® is a simple mechanical device. It's doubly suspended from the ceiling. The cables and the two shoulder straps support both the head and foot of the movable base, thus avoiding any kind of instability. It is designed to meet European standards regarding high beds (with a safety railing). After a few years, we recommend checking the condition of the wires, fabrics and mechanism located behind the wall structure regularly. MATERIALS Bed UP  bedup cocoon wood colors materiale colori Bedup ® is made of solid wood.
Noble wood selected for its excellent shock resistance and for the quality of its grain.
POSSIBLE COLOURS Bed UP  bedup cocoon wood colors materiale colori
  • Flax
  • Lacquer
  • Red
  • Olive
  • Blue
  • Taupe
  • Lilac
  • Grey
  • Wenge
  • White
WARRANTY Secondo la normativa europea.
In accordance with European regulations BedUp ® is a French invention and trademark protected by intellectual property and trademark law
BED Sleep comfortably on the mattress of your choice.
The 4 supports are calibrated to ensure the stability of the bed for even the most restless of sleepers. The mattress rests on a slatted base to ensure optimal ventilation.
- Fixed weight admitted on the base (bed frame): 80 kg max.
- Maximum weight on the lowered base (with legs down): 250 kg in total
CUSTOMIZED BASE If needed, the base can be shortened to a length of 220 cm minimum (for a bed 190cm in length)