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Bed Pagoda

Bed Pagoda bed pagoda japan design cinius "Pointing towards the sky, anchored to the Earth."
Following ancient tradition, in perfection and harmony, a soft, rounded bed frame. A simple contour whose elegance lies in the curves of its four support points.
Consistent with the timeless architecture of Eastern pagodas, the solid finger joint beech wood ensures the sturdiness of the interlocking frame which is constructed without metal parts (Magnetic Free).
  • solid finger joint beech wood
  • Interlocking assembly without metal parts (Magnetic Free)
  • Treat with natural non-toxic impregnating oils
  • Can also be made to measure
  • Selected raw materials
  • Natural wood bed
  • Japanese bed

ColorsBeech wood available colors, untreated natural wood as standard
Bed Pagoda bed Pagoda with headboard Alba
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