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Bed Tokyo-F

  • Bed Tokyo-F  tokyoF bed japan design cinius
  • Bed Tokyo-F  tokyoF bed japan design cinius
  • Bed Tokyo-F  tokyoF bed japan design cinius
  • Bed Tokyo-F  tokyoF bed japan design cinius
TokyoF, made entirely from solid finger joint beech wood , is suitable for any setting thanks to its simplicity and the numerous possibilities for customization. More than just a bed, its simplicity and its geometric interlocking joints represent condensed Zen culture. Its four legs intersect with the frame using an unprecedented interlocking system. On request it is possible to have legs in a different color to the rest of the frame, like our two-tone variant, which references the Eastern tradition of the "coexistence of opposites".
  • Japanese bed with interlocking geometric structure that respects the proportions of Japanese style.
  • Interlocking assembly without metal parts (Magnetic Free)
  • Designed to be combined with Tatami, which rest on the slatsTatami
  • If positioned against a wall it can be combined with the Futon headboard fixed to the wall with two brass hooks.
  • Recommended headboard: Padded cotton Futon with removable cover, available in a range of colors with or without ideograms
  • Available in untreated wood or in a range of colors
  • Treat with natural non-toxic impregnating oils
  • Can also be made to measure
  • Selected raw materials
  • Natural wood bed
  • Japanese bed
ColorsBeech wood available colors, untreated natural wood as standard

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Bed Tokyo-F  bed TokyoF
Bed Tokyo-F  bed Tokyo width double set drawers , Space Saving, under bed TokyoF bed with under-bed drawers.
  • Drawer body only available in black MDF.
  • Front panels in solid beech or any of the colors that the bed comes in.
  • Sliding drawers on wheels.
  • The drawers are individual and can be placed under the bed as you choose
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