SLIDING DOOR CABINETS holders slider shutters wood shoji solid wood finger joint wood cabinets with shoji sliding doors.
Environmentally friendly: made only from European wood (beech, cherry, lime).
Functional: Japanese sliding doors (shoji) without customizable mechanisms: different types of cover, in rice paper, fabric, plexiglass, wood and other materials.

Made to measure products
Also suitable for use as a headboard, bed back or shoe rack.

Holders Jachi holders slider shutters wood  jachi JACHI (Luck) cabinet with 4 sliding doors in solid finger joint beech wood ; 200 x 40x h 60 cm.
Made to measure
Holders Dada holders slider shutters wood Dada DADA cabinet (designed by Gianluigi Tomaiuolo) in solid finger joint beech wood , with drawers and compartments with both hinged and sliding doors
Made to measure products

ColorsBeech wood available colors, untreated natural wood as standard