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Latex mattress

Latex mattress
"Yume" (Dream)
Latex with 7 differential zones
H 16.5 cm
with cotton lining, removable checkered cover.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses with a range of options, from the simplest in cotton toweling to more elaborate styles with layers of pure merino wool, coconut fibre and flax to suit your needs. More details.

Available in all traditional measurements and can also made to measure.

100% natural latex?!?!

Completely natural latex does not exist, because natural rubber (its basic component) obtained from the rubber tree quickly polverizes if it is not treated with acrylic additives.
Please note that the statement ""... 100% latex..." does not mean that the mattress is "... 100% natural..." .
Conversely a mattress can be declared 100% latex and contain just 1% natural rubber.
Obviously, the higher
the percentage of natural rubber, the higher the cost of the mattress.
Unfortunately there is no legislation that requires mattresses manufacturers to declare the quality and composition of latex used, so there is currently no way for customers to determine the quality of latex that they are buying. Customers therefore have no choice but to trust the reputation and reliability of the seller.

However, as a general rule of thumb, the softer the latex the more natural it is.

The latex used in our mattresses contains between 30% and 40% natural rubber.
We believe that this percentage offers the right compromise between quality, price and durability of the mattress
(remember, the more natural the latex, the less durable it is).

We hope that this information will help you understand why you can find "100% latex" mattresses on sale for such different prices. 

The composition of some of our latex mattresses
SILENZIO (Caratteristiche)
SOLLIEVO (Caratteristiche)
SOSPESO (Caratteristiche)

Some features of our latex mattresses::

With "Disteso", "Silenzio", "Sollievo" and "Sospeso", the individual layers of the mattress can be flipped separately, allowing you to choose between their firm or medium-firm side and giving you a choice of firmness for your sleeping surface (bi-comfort). This feature is also available for single mattresses.

Removable cover
The mattress cover can be removed and dry cleaned (some models can be washed in water at 60C)

Antibacterial Treatment
"Sanitized" fungicide and antibacterial Treatment

provides lasting protection against domestic mites.

(Consumer information: product made in the E.U.)